Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reconnecting with Friends

Bob Wire and Amanda Cevallos

The stage was large; the crowd was small.

While thousands of Missoulians headed to the FREE folk festival in Butte, a small crowd of  fans went to Ryan Creek Meadows to see the Marshall Tucker Band on Saturday, July 10. They found a new, sturdy stage. Only the early arrivals knew a wind had taken down the fences and ripped off the stage roof not long before the gates were to open.

I was there on assignment for Amanda Cevallos, who re-visited Zootown briefly in order to perform on this ticket. I gave her a hard time as I do most who desert Missoula for some other place, but she found a home there and has steered her career very well. 

Why do I worry about being late? My timing seems to have improved in old age. For Example, of course, I was on time to catch Amanda going on stage. Good thing, too, because she put me on the guest list, and if I didn't get photos, she would have skinned me alive. It was great to reconnect with her, and to watch her strutting the strut on stage.

A full year had passed, since I had talked with Bob Wire other than a quick pass, while he was consumed with his book of Montana oddities. That book is available (unless sold out) at Shakespeare and Co., and Fact and Fiction. I'm ashamed I didn't make it to the release of the book, or his last CD, Buffaload. Bob and his band, which he sometimes calls the Magnificent Bastards, played material from all of their CDs and new songs, too. Bob, as always, was a kick in the pants.

39 years ago, Marshall Tucker Band came together and quickly jumped into the upper echelon of the southern music scene. If I understood correctly, these two are the only original members left. They are a stalwart crew of experienced musicians, who make their great sound look easy. They have class, too, as is evidenced by their ride.

Marshall Tucker has a set on the Flickr archive, while Bob and Amanda each have a Marshall Tucker Album. Go there to see more images from this event.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Weekend

Marshall Tucker Band
and many others
Ryan Creek Meadows
Saturday July 10, 2010

Amanda Cevallos will return to Missoula to appear on the stage at Ryan Creek Meadows, this Saturday. Marshall Tucker is the headliner, with Bob Wire, Shane Clouse and Kira Means. This is my all time favorite image of Amanda. She on the other hand preferred the following shot, and put it on her business card. 

Previous posts on this blog, and sets on the Flickr archive, cover Amanda's history with Wolf Redboy and her own band, Bad Intentions. Just search for Amanda on my photostream.