Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cottonwood Draw @the Hat

Finally, finally I captured a nice clear image of Clyde playing tablas with Cottonwood Draw. I had some photos taken at a previous performance at the Top Hat and another at ZACC, I missed Clyde both times. I think this is a definitive portrait. How novel, replacing the percussion guy and a big drum set with tablas. Gotta love it. Last night, the downtown venues all experienced good crowds, and the Top Hat gets my award for hipnhot event of the evening.

I was exhausted from a week of frantic panic, as I prepared my February show, and had just assisted (I did very little) my friend Brendan Stewart to install it at Food for Thought. I was bound and determined to celebrate my relief with a Cold Smoke. That stuff is expensive, but I refuse to drink piss beer. I want something with flavor. Anyway, Cottonwood Draw set the place on fire, as their music inspired the crowd, who poured energy back to the band. The bond of synergy began to grow, the spirits gathered, the place began to shift and lift.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Timeslip Two Saturdays Back

A timeslip takes me back to Saturday, Jan 19th, after Fagrag at ZACC. I met Andrea, in the Badlander. She insisted on braiding my beard.

Wolf Redboy was also there, and Andrea took pictures.

Arrested Adolescence performed that night in the Palace.

Meanwhile, at the Union Club, people danced to Full Grown Men.

Jumping Jack Flash, I almost forgot. The night didn't end there. Places were at the Top Hat, and I had enjoyed two previous performances, making the Hat a required stop.

Logistics make band practices and performances hard for Places, because half the band lives here and half in Denver.

Shelby and Larry @Badlander

Shelby Cunliffe

Larry Hirschberg

After the open mike at Brooks and Browns, I walked up to check out the Palace and Badlander action. There was one of my favorite singer/songwriters on stage. Shelby Cunliffe was opening for Larry Hirshberg on the Badlander stage. Shelby doesn't perform in public enough, and she confessed this was the first time in maybe a year.

Larry Hirshberg may be too literary for some, but intelligent lyrics are rare these days, and Larry can turn them out. He makes me laugh, and laughter IS the best medicine.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bell Boys Tonight at the Top Hat

These cats, the Bell Boys, will be playing the Top Hat tonight. They showed up to give zootown a preview last night at Brooks and Browns open mike. They're from Portland, and they dazzled a crowd of experienced local musicians

Up next, Phyllis invited some of the Bell Boys back for more, and new music was made on the spot.

Tom Carney added his fiddle to the mix.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Open Mike @B&B, Jan 12, 2010

I have developed a little problem. I tend to fall asleep in my chair or in the floor, while reading a book. Then I wake up close to midnight and go to bed. Tuesday night, I almost did it again, but woke about 8:30 and rushed to Brooks and Browns to catch some open mike action. The event takes place weekly, 7-10p, and is growing into something very special, indeed.

(?), Roger, Mike Avery, Teri Llovet are playing when I arrive. Louis is comfortable on sound.

Roger plays with more bands than I can count.

This gentleman writes music based on the poetry of Rumi.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fagrag at ZACC

Fagrag entertained loyal fans at ZACC on Saturday, January 9, 2010.

Mikki denies she is a star and says she doesn't want to be one. The latter is true, but the first isn't. Mikki is a big star. I see how some might take that statement, and, yes, she is an ample woman. She has to be to contain her huge heart.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

First Night Wanderings

MAM hosted jazz bands and fans during the afternoon. This is Discount Quartet in front of Shimomura's art in the main gallery.

I saw the Frederico Brothers at MCT, but that theater prohibits photography.

The first thing I saw at the UC was the Octopus playing chess against a bunch of competitors.

Cash for Junkers were playing in the Commons.

Burning River, a trio with John Floridis up front, played next in the commons.

Mike Freemo

Meanwhile, upstairs in the ballroom, the Big Sky Mudflaps were romping.

Old friends, Andrea and Louis rocked the lounge.

The Tomatoes, with Michelle replacing Tom on the fiddle, brought in a crowd.

Mike Milch and Ruthie Dada with Zeppo in the commons.

Charlie B's only has music three nights a year, and New Years Eve is one. Combine that with Voodoo Horseshoes, a band I had never photographed, meant I had to go there. When El Zombi Gato cancelled at the Palace, I wound up ringing in the new year with this happy crowd.