Friday, August 29, 2008

Rainbows Bless Hemp Fest

Moving is good in many ways; not moving is a symptom of death. Moving, as in changing residences, can be stressful, however. It quickly teaches us how much crap we accumulate, as time goes by in the same residence. I handled the logistics well, moving everything I could with my car, until one van load held the big furniture. I spent a full day spit-shining the old apartment, hoping only the carpet cleaning would come out of my deposit. Communication, however, was lost for 10 days, until cable service could be transferred to my new home, and then all messages to my voice mail and all my passwords for the phone system were lost. My mail isn't going to my old box, but still isn't arriving in my new PO Box.

Yesterday afternoon was dedicated to handling email and catching up on some photo work. Now, I can let off some steam by blogging for the first time in three weeks.

My new home is matched by my new job. I'm working in the registrar's office at MAM, helping catalog the collection. I'm surrounded by art, artists and art lovers, a situation which nourishes me instead of sucking my soul and numbing my mind. Can you say Wal-Mart? After a lot of that over 40 years, I think I've had my share, and its time to do something that suits my nature better. I'm in hog heaven.

Summary: three weeks on new job, changed address, and tons of internet stuff to catch up on. Here we go.

Saturday markets, Peoples' and Renegades', checking the art and chatting. I'm on my way to Hemp Fest, when I hear it cost $5 to get in. Since that represented two full thirds of everything I had, I wasn't going to the expense. Imagine my surprise to find I'm the "official photographer" for the event. It was one of those you're-on-the-list-get-your-ass-in-here-and-start-shooting moments.

I'm glad I attended Hemp Fest for a lot of reasons. Two of my favorite bands played, I saw a bunch of friends and the rainbows blessed the occasion.

As always, I hope all my beloved readers are healthy and happy. See you at the end of the Rainbow.

Speaking of, that's another story.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Around the Zoo City

Seen on the streets of the zoo city.

These people produced a benefit for the Povarello, one of Missoula's excellent charitable works.

David Sirota signs his book under the watchful eye of a tv camera, at Fact and Fiction, Thursday, August 7.
One of Missoula's underground music scenes is the Union Hall, upstairs from the Union Club, in the venerable Labor Temple building. Coming soon a special report on the underground.

Does everyone realize there is a flickr archive behind this blog, with over 1000 images from the local music scene? There's a link on the right side, under photographers and photography. Jump in if you are familiar with flickr. If not, the easiest way is to search the sets for some group or event you like. Try that here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Zeppo and Photoshop Ads

Zeppo will play the Union Club on Friday, August 29, starting at 9pm. I've begun my initial experimenting with Photoshop, creating a poster and flyer for Zeppo and updating my own flyer.
Chuck Lester

Ruthie Data

The plan now is to move by the end of the month. I hate to give up the river, Hellgate Canyon and the birds. We have two pair of osprey nesting nearby and fishing the Clark Fork here. Last week we were visited first by one bald eagle and then a pair, and later a golden eagle. I'm going to the N/W corner of north Missoula. My email addresses and my phone number won't change. The move requires a business card and flyer update, which is not ready to fly yet.

The second prototype of my blog ad is ready to go, however, and here it is.

BVE at Total Fest

Newsflash: Joe played with Black Velvet Elvis at Total Fest, and said he would play all remaining gigs, until he left town. The latest development is Tony Mats talking about the possibility of moving to Atlanta.

If the bands who left Missoula for bigger scenes had stayed here, this would be one of the biggest scenes. Rolling Stone would have to come here.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday, on the Streets

Our story begins at the corner of Higgins and Main, where I am stalking the elusive 1957 Ford Fairlane 500. There it goes now.

The moon flirts with a street lamp.

A couple pushes a sofa up the sidewalk. Their dog is riding the sofa.

The Fairlane and a 1951 Chevrolet alternate through the intersection.

A lotus passes, and two Oldsmobiles intrude.

The quarry arrives and pauses in profile.

Saturday at the Palace

"The Secret's Out" blared the headline, as both the Missoulian and the Independent covered Secret Powers, last week. Saturday night, the band held their CD release party in the Palace. The Palace is a comfy basement pool room, under the Badlander. Well, actually it is under the Golden Rose, but let's not quibble. It filled quickly with the party spirit, as the featured band took the stage.

The flowers made it look like Shmedly was playing a coffin.

I don't know why the drummer was wearing that wig, and I also can't grasp the symbolism of Shmedly in a night gown. It was obvious who was handling sound, and he kept the system humming.

These guys cook. It's a gentle symmetry I've missed, since GNP left town. The flickr archive has images from previous performances by Secret Powers.