Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mudslide Charley charges into September

Where, When...

The moon struggles out of the clouds, as the Boone and Crocket bear looks on.

A little later, the moon would shine down on Mudslide Charley, as they brought the annual Hip Strip Block Party to an end, on Sunday, September 11, 2011. That's a street lamp above Tahj; the moon is above Marco.

Charley was hot as the weather to begin September. First Thursday was also the first day of this month, and Mudslide Charley played Blues and Bread at Bernice's Bakery.  A week later, on the 8th, they were at the Blues Alley, followed by the Pig Roast at the Old Post on Saturday, and then the Hip Strip shindig.

 Roger howls.

Charley, who missed the earlier events, while mushroom hunting in Colorado, reappeared in ghostly fashion under the stage lights.

Mudslide Charley at the Pig Roast

In August, Mudslide released their CD, RamShackle Soul, on the other side of the Old Post parking lot. It all adds up to a hot summer run for Mudslide Charley.

Mudslide Charley at the Blues Alley Block Party

Blues Alley produced a lot of fun and an abundance of photographers.

Blues Alley started an end of summer hurrah, which carried through the Hip Strip Party, with Hempfest, the Pig Roast and Sundays Streets among other events in the sandwich. I'm hoping Blues Alley will become a regular event like the others. Maybe it could be monthly next summer, instead of just an annual event. Put in your two cents with the sponsors: The Rhino, Redbird, Top Hat, Catalyst and Two Sisters.

Hempfest and More...

 Dodgy Mountain Men @Hempfest

Chele Bandulu @Hempfest

Beyond the Pale @Hempfest

Last Internationale @Hempfest

The Last Internationale (NY) played at Hempfest, and later at the Top Hat to end their latest western tour.  

Last Internationale @the Hat


Time flies, when you're having fun. It's been three weeks since I posted here. I must have been having a hell of a time. That's easy to do, living in paradise. With a truckload to catch up on, I hardly knew where to start. Please note, the image above of me wasn't captured by me, but my friend, Teri Llovet, who does a good job with my camera. Also note: I don't let most people touch my camera.

Teri Llovet

How can there only be three days left in September? Am I in a time warp? I take it as proof that I am even slower than I was when I was complaining about being old and slow. Not a bad thing, possibly, as I want to slow even more, becoming so slow no one can see me move. That would be a coup.

Zootown has seen a burst of events, activities and performances as everyone senses the last gasp of summer somewhere in the near future. Here come the holidays, and no one wants to face them.

More images from all of the events covered here can be seen on my flickr archive.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roots with Epilog

Roots Fest in Missoula was a stop on the Leftover Salmon reunion tour, Saturday, August 27, 2011. They proved the biggest draw of the weekend, and the packed crowd in front of the stage resembled a mosh pit at times. It was dangerous in there, as bodies bumped and banged, elbows flew, and beer showered.

There's plenty of bluegrass around Zootown, while zydeco is an occasional treat. Bennie and the Swamp Gators provided a romping finale to the festival on Sunday afternoon.

Bennie's daughter plays washboard with the band, and his grand daughter is being groomed to follow the tradition.

Shooting into the sunlight was almost a complete waste of time. I wished I had left my camera home, and arrived ready to dance, because this was fun dance music.

Epilog: Serendipity and Synchronicity

The guitar player above, Gene Williams, appeared at Sean Kelly's weekly open mike the next night. He stumbled onto the Monday night affair, and arrived without an instrument. Beau loaned his, and Gene filled the last spot with a mix of original tunes and a few covers. He nailed Long Black Veil, and that is an easy one to mess up.

 Gene Williams

Beau offers up the guitar

On the flickr archive, you will find a set for Leftover Salmon, another for Bennie, and one for the open mike at Sean Kellys.

Butter and Fiancee, who performed at the Palace and Top Hat respectively late on First Friday, also have new sets.