Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rooster Sauce Headlines a Great Palace Evening

He's used other names with other bands, but now he is David Lee Rooster, right up front in Rooster Sauce. According to him, the bassist below is another Rooster, Sarah something, I think, but she's always going to be Adelaide of Ceretanas Studio, to me. She's an artist, a musician, a glam rocker and a vintage vinyl specialist. At least she works in a shop that specializes in vintage.

Rooster Sauce can glam, cover, rock and stomp. Their eclectic and ever-changing mix of looks and sounds is beginning to rope me in. One thing is for sure: the Roosters want you to have a good time at their shows, and they will bust their butts to see you do.

This night, they were in top form, and the guitars eschewed costumes and gimmicks to show off their musical chops.

Another late night for the Kitchenpoet, after big night with Wartime Blues, on Tuesday. I still haven't worked those photos, and, now, last night's Palace show and Reverend Slanky's return to the Badlander are added to the rock pile. Where is my sledgehammer?

Dandelion Electrifies the Palace

Electric Dandelion romped onto the Palace stage with a sound grand-fathered to S.F. psychedelia, updated for Missoula in a new century. These kids had this old hippie tapping his feet. What's in the coffee at Butterfly Herbs? This is the second break out performance launched by a band with members who work there, in a week. Join the underground and see them both in the ZACC basement on first Friday, March 6. The other band I am referring to is, of course, Knot Knocked Up.

There seems to be a new music hero rising on the scene.

Wednesday, February 25, was an amazing night in the Palace. As pictured in previous posts, Amanda Cevallos opened, and was joined onstage by Todd Snider. Then an unnamed band played, before Electric Dandelion. Rooster Sauce coming up next.

As usual, there are more photos on the stove at flickr.

Todd Snider Hangs w/Amanda @Palace

After headlining at the Other Side, on Tuesday, Todd Snider turned up at the underground scene, in the Palace, on Wednesday, Feb 25, 2009.

He was hanging with Amanda Cevallos, and later joined her onstage. It was an emotional evening for Amanda and her fans, as she will be moving to Austin, TX, soon.

Name This Band

Guitar and vocals: Madison, viola by Mary.

Lorna and Mary

This new band is searching for a name, because their first choice, Thug Life, obviously didn't fit them. What should they call themselves? I have a lot of ideas. What about you?

See them at Dauphine's final show on Friday the 13th of March. Be there or be square. Maybe they will have a name by then. Thomas Pendarvis' March of the Black Queen and Pluto is a Planet will also perform.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zootown Underground, Part Deux





I love the four women of Knot Knocked Up. On Thursday, February 19, they headlined an event in the basement of ZACC.

Appropriately enough, the band before Knot Knocked Up was called No Babies. Except for the drummer, while playing, they all moved around too rapidly for me to keep up. When some instrument trading took place, and the singer sat at the drums, I finally captured her image. Before that I had a hank of hair, a shoulder and a flash, nothing more.

The band laid down their instruments once and transformed into a brass section, becoming visible in the process.

Deny the Dinosaur opened the evening with some powerful metal strumming and almost dirge-like melodies. They were, however, either shy or shunning the audience with their backs turned. I sneaked around back and got one decent profile.

Green Sickness is the moniker these chaps go by.

The proud father of the drummer asked me to photograph his son. He's above and his son is below.

This fellow only attends the hippest of events.

Perhaps inspired by No Babies, Knot Knocked Up capped the evening with an awesome performance topping even their explosive show at the lab with a truly fearless exhibit here.