Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Somewhat later than before...

Dodgy Mountain Men Open Roots

It was a tough assignment to fill, opening the prestigious Roots Fest, especially with a new bass player just a few rehearsals into the job. The Dodgy Mountain Men came through and provided the annual event with a sensational lift off. 

Their music elevated people.

Disclaimer: The above photo does not have my name in the corner, because it was taken by my partner, Melissa, pictured below with an instant friend from Pennsylvania, appropriately named Joy.

Miller Creek

A great day of music was continued later by Miller Creek. These cats have been out of sight too long, after a time of almost weekly local gigs. They've been somewhere working hard on their chops, as they blew the jams out and the crowd away.

Out in the hot sun of stage left, was a local keyboardist of some note. Once upon a time there were Secret Powers...

It would be understatement to say folks had a good time.

My favorite art was the Home Resource set up for the kids on Main between the music and the art vendors.

A walk through the food court followed by a left turn up the alley at the Rhino brought me to a jam session under the stairs in back of the Top Hat.

Big Medicine

Speaking of the Top Hat, that place resembled a revival meeting when Medicine for the People poured out the medicine and the spirit on their congregation Saturday evening. Footnote: Ecstatic dance is an ancient mystic tradition. 

This was the first time Melissa and I have been out late in months. We just celebrated the anniversary of our first date. We looked like this a year ago,

and now this is how our garden grows.

It is almost September, and this is my first post of the year on this old blog. Should I revive it, or begin a new one? Am I capable of doing either?

Click to find a set with more photos of each band featured in this post on flickr.