Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy Missoula, Saturday, Nov 19, 2011

Representatives of the 99% expanded their encampment on the courthouse lawn, Saturday, with the arrival of a large military tent. Occupiers, and other members of the movement, worked together in a convivial tent-raising.

Guess what: There is no Them. There is no one but us humans on the planet, and all those lines dividing us are fictions, created by war-makers to help them sell product. 

Caveat: Plants and animals also share the planet with us and deserve more consideration than they usually get, since western culture conquered most indigenous peoples.

The original Diogenes was searching for an honest man. This Diogenes would be satisfied with a little truth, but hasn't found enough to satisfy. Does anybody out there believe the mainstream media news version of what's happening in the world? This is beyond right/left, conservative/liberal, Republican/Democrat. The same rich assholes, who lied us into war and wrecked our economy with their greed, own big portions of mainstream media. One must search for the truth through a wilderness of lies, ads, hype and bullshit to get real news.

Yes, it's obvious O'Reilly and other Fox News talking heads get paid big bucks to lie to the people. It should be added, however, that anyone who thinks CNN is any better is deluded.

There are some bright lights to remember. Since laughter is the best medicine, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, the Colbert Report and others are doing important work in the media. Amy Goodman carries on, shining light in the dark places where most are afraid to go. Amy can be seen on Democracy Now! on Missoula's MCAT cable station, M-F, at 6am and repeated at 10am. The program can be heard on KBGA 89.9 FM, M-F, 11am to noon.

Wikileaks has to be mentioned. This organization gave us more information about how our government and military really operate than most U.S. citizens could handle. The financial arms of the military-industrial complex quickly moved to cut off their funding. Bank of America, my ass, Bank of Pure Unadulterated Greed is more like it.

See that story here:

I want to talk about the Keystone XL Pipeline. The slick campaign to push this boondoggle through must be repudiated. First, the tar sand extraction process is causing the biggest ecological disaster in Canada's History. Second, the pipeline would run from Montana's Canadian border to Texas refineries and to the Texas ports, where they will ship it to international markets.

This project is NOT about creating jobs and securing energy independence. It's about health of citizens and mother earth taking a back seat to profits for oily Texas millionaires. If the pipeline goes through, more money will flow to the elite few, who already have too much.  

Obama says he personally will make the decision about the pipeline rather than leave it to the State Department, and will delay his decision 12-18 months. Some folks claim this as a good thing, since the State Department seemed ready to rubber stamp the deal. Obama has sold out to the rich and powerful so many times, after promising to be a president for the people, I don't trust him on this. Delaying the decision until after the election, will let him promise both sides of the issue a good result in return for their votes. One side will get hollow promises, and I suspect that's the people who oppose the pipeline. We must pressure him every way possible to say no this hideous scam.

OK, I have many subjects I could rant about, but I will stop there. There is going to be more of this type of thing on this blog. I hope so anyway, because I haven't blogged or flickr'd much lately. The movement and a woman have taken most of my attention and time. I do have some music photos taken and never even downloaded. Maybe, soon...