Monday, August 31, 2009

Brooks and Browns Open Mike

Louis Bond (L) and Teri Llovet accompany Mike Hurd, the first on the list for open mike on the patio back of the Holiday Inn. Teri is the organizer of this event, and Louis is not only one of the best sound men around, but the best back up man in Zootown. He's been there and played that.

Almost everyone knew everyone else, and the musical combinations were many and varied. It was easy, comfortable and light-hearted, with intense bursts of saxaphone and harmonica for punctuation.

Near the end, a wild card came up. Todd and Jesse sat listening on the lawn for some time before asking if they might be included. Of course. That's what open mike is about, and one of the reasons Teri does them. He played the banjo, she played the saw, and it was a fitting cap for the evening.

This is a weekly event on Tuesdays. This particular evening was on August 25.

Teri Llovet will be filling her usual spot on bass with the Full Moon Prophets at the Top Hat, this Saturday, September 5.

As usual, there are more images from this evening on the flickr archive. There are also previous sets of Tom and the Tomatoes, as well as Full Moon Prophets.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jazz Martini NIght

More than once, I have heard people complain there is no jazz in Missoula. Live jazz is not as common in Zootown as other genres of music, but can be found with careful attention to the weekly Independent and the Missoula events website. Sunday evenings, jazz fills the Badlander, during Jazz Martini Night.

Any fan would love the jazzy sounds this combo produced, last Sunday. The wailing sax pulled me right in, and I immediately recognized the keyboard player from Reverend Slanky and the bass player, last seen with the M-Group on a Wasted Wednesday.

I'm thinking I should do a round up of venues featuring jazz, list as many jazz groups as possible, and maybe even learn the players' names. That thought resonates, as I head out the door.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Elephant Revival kept me up late Friday night, and I was slow rising, shining and getting around the next day. I had to do the markets, as usual, and I was scooting up Higgins to the Circle Square Market, near the depot, because it closes first, when I saw some music making across the street. I made a quick detour to capture a tune or two. A bystander thought he should be the subject of my documentation.

After one clear shot, I continued to the Xs to handle some grocery shopping. The tokens purchased with foodstamps, had been replaced with smaller, more practical, plastic chits, which didn't have the same organic feel as the wooden coins.

At the Peoples' Market two of my friends were being particularly orange...and having a good time, too.

One addition to the usual Saturday itinerary was the Total Fest music swap in Big Dipper's parking lot. I arrived in time to hear most of the third and final performance of the morning. There was a friendly crowd, some ice cream eating, band merchandise for sale and music way off the beaten path. Let's have a hallelujah and two amens for originality.

I can't walk by Tsunami without taking a quick look. Lord, I love this place where toys and art meet. The force is strong here.

Those colorful creations in the back corner by the books are by Kinch, and I love his stuff. If you haven't checked this place out, get your ass in there. This is another zootown hipnhot spot.

Total Fest was the big event of the weekend, and I wangled my way in there on the final night. Next year, I must plan ahead and get my press pass in order to document the entire event. 50 bands in three days calls for logistical wizardry and a ton of work. This was the eighth annual version of this event, and word has it every year it gets better.

Full Moon Prophets were filling their monthly spot at the Union Club. Remember: never a cover charge at this venue.

Even Kennedy and Johnson seemed to be listening.

Let's is Thursday, and this post covers last Saturday...damn, time flies. To be fair to myself, I covered a lot of ground over a weekend, which started on Thursday evening. There's more in the can to be worked, including Jazz Martini Night, on Sunday, at the Badlander, and Tuesday's open mike at Brooks and Brown. Check back for some coverage of those events.

More Butter and Revival

Photo credit for these latest shots of the kitchenpoet goes to Teri Llovet.

I have more to say about two recent events. First, we left Artini, with Butter playing under the museum stairway, where it didn't take many to clog the right of way. And there were many who came to see the exhibits, hear the gallery talks by artists, and listen to Butter's music.

Butter wasn't the only thing happening to celebrate the 4th annual Artini. The first ever Montana Trienniel is the big show at MAM. 80+ pieces by 60 Montana artists.

The apple bob didn't attract any interest, and Twister only had one dedicated player.

There were some three-legged races. Here are the winning and 2nd place teams in one competition.

MAM's motto is "Art4All," and Artini is a monthly event on third Thursdays. Check Missoula events to see who is speaking and who is making the music. Then come to one of these hipnhot events.

Speaking of hipnhot events, I can't let Elephant Revival go yet. Part of it is I've recently changed my style, and I'm liking the results I'm seeing. I quit carrying my big lens, switched to a lightweight 50mm and started shooting more with available light.

For example, Bonnie Paine of Elephant Revival looks ethereal. I've been going over that night again, and I'm going to throw more of these on flickr. I just have to, in spite of my vow to reduce the numbers for each event, because the archive is bloated with over 5,000 images already.

Rapt listeners couldn't keep from dancing. This was the hippest and hottest scene of the week in zootown. I know the buzz was all at Totalfest, but this night belonged to the Top Hat.

Butter will be at the Badlander, with Victory Smokes and Low Red Lands, on Monday, August 31. Elephant Revival will soon head to the east coast, as they continue to open for Railroad Earth. You can buy their CD from CD Baby.

Now, I feel Thursday and Friday are complete, and we can move on. Coming next: Saturday. Warning: Blogs can lead to time slip.