Friday, August 6, 2010

Bob Wire, Slowly But Shirley, Star Anna, Red Elvises and Weather

Where does the time go? My last blog concerned the second weekend of July, and August has begun. I have some catching up to do. The last chapter ended with Amanda Cevallos and Bob Wire at Ryan Creek Meadows. Soon after that, Bob was sizzling at Caras Park.

It was the weekly Downtown Tonight event on Thursday, July 22, 2010, and Bob was really cooking on stage.

Listeners were enjoying a spectacular Montana day, in addition to the music. 

I want you to come to Fact and Fiction tonight (Friday, Aug 6) and buy my book. I might sign it if you do.

note:Bob Wire did not pay for this promo. I think his lyrics are some of the funniest around, and I expect his book to be amusing, too.

Ciara Keeton, Angie Biehl, Kristin Janis, Teri Llovet

Not one Shirley in the batch, but the band is Slowly But Shirley. They played a big part in producing and playing Zulapalooza at the Top Hat on Saturday, July 24.

Teri Llovett

One of the powers which helped create Zulapalooza was Teri Llovett. Teri was with Full Moon Prophets, who played their final gig on this same Top Hat Stage, last November. See Good-bye Prophets in a previous post here and in a set on Flickr. That was a whing-ding and a half, featuring many local musicians who wanted in on the fun. Zulapalooza produced more of the same infectious fun. One high light was Joe Half Cocked. Joe is an entity, who was being channeled by a local performer, but now busts out when he pleases.

Joe Half Cocked, Kristin Janis, Ciara Keeton

The Missoula Winery has a new stage. Performers and audience are protected from the hot afternoon sun, as this is on the east side of the building. Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs played there on Friday, July 30.

Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs

Mother Nature chose to bring special effects to the event. It wasn't so much fun for the band, as the temperature fluctuations began to mess up the tuning. The guitar player just knew he was going to die, electrocuted on stage in Missoula, Montana. 

A few drops fell on the assembly, but the body of the storm missed us and moved off to the north-west. Did I mention The Winery has an incredible view of the entire Missoula basin? I should also say this old photographer had a great time with the changing light, noted with approval the evolution of the Winery and tasted some fine Cabernet.

The Red Elvises have made the pilgrimage to Missoula an annual event. I saw them in Santa Monica many years ago (15?/more?). They had changed their name from Limpopo shortly before that, and I bought the Limpopo CD, and the first Red Elvis CD, and enjoyed every minute of their performance. I missed their previous visits here, but I was determined this time.

Igor has sandwiched himself with a pair of women, since I saw them.

A throng of Red Elvis fans packed the Badlander to see them again.

Every day I thank the powers that be I found Missoula before I died. Yes, I have said that before. Brace yourselves, because I will say it again. Life is sweet, and it gets better every day.

If you aren't enjoying yourself, as much as I, try turning off your television and getting out to some live music.

PS: See more of these events on Flickr. Don't hurt yourself by trying to view everything on my Flickr archive, because it is too much. It is best to approach the archive looking for a band you know, or want to know, because the search function will allow you to find the images you want (if I have key-worded properly).