Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ello, pronounced as the British say hello, is the Top Hat Artist of the Month for April. As such, they play 6-8 pm every Thursday this month. We are halfway through April and there are two more opportunities to take the whole family to hear this band in a bar, if you can believe that, as this is an all ages, family friendly event. I can witness to the fact that kids transform and elevate the energy in a bar.  Drop into the Top Hat on Thursday or Friday between 6 and 8 to see for yourself.

Going into the weekend, the Friday events are well attended, but more folks should take advantage of the Thursday offerings.  These guys have a solid sound and deserve a larger audience. In addition to playing the Hat on Thursdays, April 21 and 28, they will be on the Trail 103.3, live with Tracy Lopez on Thursday the 21st, at 9am.

Jason on bass, Greg doing vocals, Justin on drums, Chris on guitar

Here are the drink specials for the month, in case you are interested.

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