Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And, now for Something Completely Different

Ching says:

It is time to diminish the ego and decrease activities.
Blaming and criticizing are wrong ways to diminish;
offering up and giving away are correct.

If one reduces one's faults,
assistance will come.

Reduce desires,
discard trivial things;
be frugal, sincere and honest.

Desires, anger, arrogance and anxiety
are obstacles to a peaceful mind.
Curb anger and appetites,
develop resolve.

If you desire only profit,
you will create disaster.

Let go of pain,
let go of bitterness.

Remove the unnecessary,
grow, persevere, enjoy.

Even with nothing,
the sentiment of the heart
can be expressed.

Sincerity makes simple offerings acceptable,
and blessings follow.

Don't be negligent,
but relax.
What's needed is in place.
Let go.

Go straight to the heart,
realize Tao in action,
becoming what is meant to be.


Devious people block harmony in world affairs.
Use criminal law to remove obstruction,
bringing peace.
It is beneficial to use imprisonment.

Thunder stirs things up.
Awareness spreads.
Suddenly, one sees clearly
and overcomes ignorance,
as the essential is revealed.

Kitchenpoet responds with a haiku:

Storm clouds and lightning, 
absurd satori flashes, 
and still there are stars. 

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