Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Friday--August 2011

I began August First Friday at the Missoula Art Museum. I was there to see the opening of Wendy Red Star's show.

Her work featured montages of nine photographs grouped by subject and quilts with photos woven into them. Subjects included the government issue houses of the day, church buildings, vehicles, signs and family gatherings. Most of the photos were taken by Wendy's father in the 70s. A few in one quilt were of him performing with the Maniacs, evidently quite famous on the Crow Reservation.

A sweat lodge  completed the installation, sitting in front of nine images of sweat lodges.

Strolling Higgins, I found Jeffrey had company on his corner in front of the Dark Room.

Meanwhile, three incredible women, and one incredible drag queen prepare to perform a religious, sacrificial ritual in the name of street art and other holy concepts. This piece was titled Escape Velocity and performed only once, on First Friday in August, 2011. 

Even Tank Girl showed up for this event, and she delivered a mighty blow.

The beast was worshiped, bashed and prayed to. As rituals go, it was cathartic and satisfying in so many ways.

Later, I found the Lil Smokies (well some of them anyway) making music behind the Old Post.

And then I called it quits. Not even dark yet, but I returned home to the book I was reading, and let the rest of that night run away on its own.

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