Monday, September 15, 2008

Letting Off Steam

Confession: sometimes I have anger issues. I can't watch faux news, for example. Software updates annoy me, and everybody is doing it. I hated Microsoft back when windows was the only culprit putting my computer out of commission during deadline work. Now, the web browser updates, my Adobe programs update (sometimes good; sometimes not), Apple programs I never use update, security system updates and, of course, windows still updates. All of these updates are capable of damaging other sub-systems, disappearing passwords or directories. I hate'em all. The worst are those that start a countdown to tell you when the system will restart to complete the the installation process.

The rich have become so arrogant as to ridicule the poor. It's one of those let-them-eat-cake moments. Four years ago, I couldn't believe the GOP got away with ridiculing all veterans wounded in the line of duty, with some crass joking at their convention. This year, I couldn't even watch for fear of bursting a blood vessel. The ruling class now laughs at the problems of common people.

Another confession: I can't come close to staying up all night, anymore. In fact, I haven't shut down a club in weeks. I couldn't stay up for the headliners at BVE's CD release party. I tried, but I couldn't. I did arrive in time to catch three lively tunes by Tater Pig, the opening band.

Ok, another thing that pisses me off is the discussion over which side to take with Russia and Georgia. Much more important is accepting that thieves lied us into the Iraq mess, and ending that war ASAP!

A million Iraqi civilians have died, because the people who start wars don't die in them, only the innocent do. Our tax dollars have been used to demolish another nation. The Republic is over; we are empire.

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