Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Night on the (Zoo) Town

Stencils are an art form and media coming into their own. It's quick and easy to apply, can carry a message and, when done right, can be entertaining and informative. There's a wall filling up with them in the hallway connecting the Badlander to the Golden Rose.

Mother Trucker can often be found in the alley behind the Top Hat, or, if you prefer, down the alley towards Higgins from the Rhino. On the recommendation of a friend, I tried the Captain's Wench. No, that's not her in the photo; that's one of Mother Trucker's able assistants. The Captain's Wench is a spicy mahi-mahi mix on a bed of fries. Maybe those fries didn't belong in a healthy diet, but the generous portion filled me up.
Seems I spend a lot of time on this corner, because the action is here, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights.
Two ways to travel.

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