Saturday, April 10, 2010

ZACC Basement Underground Outpost

When Reggie asked where the photos were from the performance in the ZACC Basement on February 27, 2010, I thought surely I had posted something, but no...don't see it. Here is Reggie, with his light, performing with Shramana. He thinks I should give him equal time with Caitlin just because he writes the band's material, but what can I say, when Caitlin looks like this?

Reggie is my friend, and he's very photogenic, too, but in this case I'm going with my dirty old man instincts.

Dave Johnson has had a band named Bridgebuilder for 13 years, although he was the only fixed member for those years.

Some hard drumming announced the Thug Nasties.

These cats know how to have fun. Somehow I had never seen them before, and became an instant fan on this night.

Overall it was another excellent night in the ZACC Basement. This venue is consistently displaying the newest sounds in the rawest basement setting to a growing crowd of fans.

It only took six weeks, but now that event is covered, and there are more images on flickr. What do you think, Reggie?


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