Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Butter, Please

Butter opened for Hillstomp at the Badlander on Friday, April 9, 2010. Their confidence is growing to match the strides they have made with their music, and their fan base is expanding. Their performance this night ignited the crowd, and set the mood for a barn-burning event. KBGA directed the affair, which used the entire Badlander/Palace complex. There was music upstairs and down, socializing in the Central and Golden Rose, gambling in the Savoy, and some consumption of alcoholic beverages here and there.

Lisena sang a song (and the lyrics won't be repeated here), which made the hair stand up on my arm. It wasn't the song, but the intensity Lisena poured into it.

The duo of Hillstomp are regular and popular visitors to Zootown, from Portland, Oregon. They play funky, hard-driving blues, and R.L. Burnside is in their repertoire. This night the crowd was so thick, I couldn't move to the other side of the stage to balance photos of both musicians. I'm pretty sure this guy was having a good time.

Previous posts of this blog, and sets on flickr, have earlier coverage and images of Hillstomp. There are more images of Butter from this night on flickr.

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