Friday, December 3, 2010

Belated Thanks, Part 1

Cue Joe Cocker (and allow slight lyrical adjustment): 

I get by with tons of help from my friends. 

My ego said I could produce a photo exhibit for the Top Hat, to open on the First Friday in November, and a music program to go with that show on the first Sunday. Wrong. Several things happened after that, including: a computer crash, cancellations, scheduling conflicts, nervous breakdowns #19-21 and an "Elizabeth I'm coming to join you" moment (Does anyone remember Sanford and Son?). 

I thank all the powers that be in the universe for my friends, who came from all directions and saved my scrawny ass. And for that, I want to thank all my friends. There are too many to cover adequately here, and that is why the title includes Part 1. I'm back online, after more than a month, but I still cannot access all my images, and I have piles of catch up. Future episodes will include Kevin Van Dort, music director at the Winery and Brendan Stewart, who installed the big pieces in the Top Hat, and oh so many others.  Here are the folks who appeared in the music program at the 

Missoula Winery and Event Center
Sunday, November 7, 2010

Darah Fogarty

 Meggie McDonald

 Ron Dunbar

 Slowly But Shirley: Kristin Janis, Ciara Keeton

New Hijackers

 Caroline Keys

Travis Yost

Angie Biehl

Today is First Friday a month later. It is time to check where the action is tonight. More choices to make...

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