Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Turtle trudges onward, hoping to catch up...


Party at the Broadway Inn

My hipnhot award for best Halloween party goes out to the Demonlily production at the Broadway Inn on October 30, 2010. These folks are into costuming and make up 100%. 

Finalists in the Scariest Costume category above, and the winner below.


High Voltage

Meanwhile at the Union Club

Russ Nassett and the Revelators were on stage, 

Disney characters were in attendance, 

and everyone was having a terrific time. 

Next stop--the Top Hat

Lil Smokies were providing the music, 

and another favorite character was seen. 

Other sightings:

Yes, this old man is way behind again. Can you imagine, just getting to Halloween, as the world rushes to Christmas? Well, there was this computer crash, as I was putting together my Top Hat show, and I have a bunch of other excuses for being slow. Instead of speeding up, in some cases I slow down. For example: being offline was terribly frustrating at first, then mildly annoying, and then I was reluctant to return to the Internet. 

Several sets have been uploaded to flickr, since I rejoined the digital web. This might be the blog introduction of High Voltage, but they have other images in the archive. Blesseddoom and Russ Nassett have several sets on flickr. Lil Smokies were recently at MAM in addition to their regular performances at the Hat. I'm working on several new images of them. 

Of course, there are also more images of all the venues and events covered here on flickr.

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