Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monday Night Music Treat

Evidently the music started at the advertised time, Monday night, at the Badlander, because I missed the first band. It is just as well, because their name would be deemed inappropriate for this all-ages blog. I didn't miss Deny the Dinosaur, and for that I rate the evening a success. It was pure gravy, after the Dinos' set, to find that Modey Lemon, out of Pittsburg, are also a rocking bunch. It's hard to stand still, when these guys are stirring the air with their beyond-classification brand of music.

I'm starting to recognize some regulars who always seem to show up when the music is surprisingly good. Some, supporting their brothers and sisters in the trade, are members of local groups, such as Bridgebuilder and Victory Smokes. These dedicated music connoisseurs found plenty to praise last night.

Modey Lemon

Deny the Dinosaur

Did someone say Deny the Dinosaur once had a singer? If so, no more. Now the trio performs driving instrumentals, with flair and fury.

Jordan does some distinctive finger work.
It's good to see a man happy with his work.

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  1. What a drag! I got down there around 9, put up some flyers, waited around, and got real bored. Wandered over to the Missoula Club, came back, and was still bored with no one I knew around, so, regretfully, I left. Now I really wish I'd stayed!