Saturday, July 12, 2008

iNHUMANS Prove Badlander Best

Badlander just won the honor of "Best Place to Hear Live Music," and Friday night the venue lived up to its billing, as the iNHUMANS provided the hippest show in town. The Badlander filled to capacity and had to turn people away, as the word spread and fans flocked to the site. Up front, Kyle and Austin put on one of their liveliest performances, feeding on the energy of the enthusiastic crowd.
The guitar player joined in with a counter-point,
while the turntable master did his thing.
I've covered the iNHUMANS on this blog before, but this time there was something new. Now, they have back-up singers, very swinging back-up singers, campy, vampy and fun back-up singers.

See you at the Badlander for the next hot show.

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