Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tuesday at the Ritz

Wartime Blues Powers Snowghost Party

Tuesday may not be a convenient night to see bands, but the Badlander and the Palace packed two high powered line-ups in the old Ritz Building, last Tuesday. Both were well worth the price of admission. The Snowghost party, in the Palace, featured bands who recorded in their Whitefish studio.

I made a point of getting downstairs early for Wartime Blues, because they brought in an impenetrable crowd last time around, and while I heard a sound I liked, I didn't see much, leaving without a single band photo. Bethany, who played cello with Good Neighbor Policy, is now part of this band, along with a drummer I photographed playing behind Wolf Redboy, some time ago.

This band has been added to my list of favorites. Down-home folksy, charming and rocking with a large assortment of instruments, including acoustic guitar w/pu, electric guitar, electric bass, stand-up bass, keyboards, drums, cello, banjo and mandolin.

BVE at the Badlander

Olivia happily introduced several new songs, as well as presenting old favorites with new tempos. She's a major talent, and Tony can still play that ax, but I miss Joe.

And that was all I could handle of the evening, because I'm an old man and it was past my bedtime.

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