Saturday, December 27, 2008

Amanda Brings Bad Intentions to Badlander

Amanda Cevallos came to the Badlander with her new band, Bad Intentions, after debuting earlier in the Palace. Once upon a time, she played bass behind Wolf Redboy, but she quit taking a back seat to anybody. She takes the stage with great energy, and already has a growing fan base for this line-up and the mostly original material. The one cover, when it comes, is a rocking version of Jolene, which has the crowd singing along.

Not content with a single set, Amanda is back on stage with another band immediately. This was a group hastily assembled to plug a hole in the program. March of the Black Queen was supposed to play, but had only two members available. Streetlight People, also had only two members. Adding Amanda to the mix and jamming like a jazz band provided a peppy and original sound.

That is, of course, Thomas Pendarvis of The March of the Black Queen looking over Amanda's shoulder. To see his band, go to the flickr archive and view the set for the cancer benefit at the Badlander and see the previous post here titled Ravin' at Dauphine's.

Secret Powers capped this evening at the Badlander. I'll have some images of them up soon.

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