Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ravin' at Dauphine's

I arrived in Missoula too late to experience The Raven, but evidently it was a kick-ass joint. Friday, December 5, its successor, Dauphine's, was rocking with kick-ass music. Good Neighbor Policy, whom the Missoulian said might be zoo town's best band is also gone, but again there is a worthy successor. Thomas Pendarvis has put together another band, The March of the Black Queen, and on this night they ripped a powerful set to climax the evening. Thomas fronted GNP, and here he is with the new band.

Earlier, Pluto's a Planet (formerly LP and the Federales) took their turn on stage and pleased a packed house with their sound.

Fiancee' started the evening with a creative rampage. I had not heard them before, but will make damn sure I hear them again.

It was a great night in the old Raven, and maybe a new beginning for Dauphine's, since Thomas says he wants more music there.

There are more photos from this night on flickr. Go there, find the set Ravin' at Dauphine's and hit the slide show button.

Next time you see a poster for music at this venue, be there, and maybe I'll take your picture.

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