Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Saw the People Dance in 2007

Two of the best times I ever had occurred in the summer of 2007, when I went to the powwows in Arlee and Elmo.

Each location had its own photographic problems. There was a muddy red dance area in Arlee and a football field like green carpet with duct tape in Elmo. Both were roofed with some lights, while the sun glared around the edges. I spent two days in Arlee and corrected the first day's mistakes on the second. There is a set for Arlee of 140 images, and one for Elmo with 198 photos on the flickr archive. Go to flickr and choose the powwow sets in the right column and view them as slide shows.

This particular post is dedicated to Adam Sings in the Timber, who made me a contact on his flickr site. I reciprocated, and after looking at his photos upgraded him to friend, because his powwow shots were terrific. I was inspired to digitally dig up these photos from before the blog started. Thanks, Adam

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