Monday, January 19, 2009

Olshittay visits Bob Wire @Union Club

Linden How, of MAM, turned the camera on the old kitchen poet, when he visited the Union Club to see Bob Wire.

"When Johnny showed up late to work and called his boss a fucking jerk, his boss could smell the whiskey on his breath."

Bob Wire is always a hoot, and the dance floor at the Union Club fills quickly with his fans. For more images from this night, check the flickr archive and click the slide show toggle.

All right already. Yes, I heard complaints there was nothing new on the blog. I have been a little out of it, after having my camera stop working again and then falling on the ice. I'm coming around. I'm learning to use the new loaner from a friend. All these images came from that camera. I have approximately 90 minutes of Zeppo video to look at. I've downgraded that project from a 30 minute television spot to a 3-5 minute Youtube video, when I get around to editing it. That will be quicker and easier, and when I have one I like, I should have enough material to make another.

I have a collection of my photography called "Summer Colors Cure Winter Blues" within a whisker of being ready to show and sell. It is a collection of summer things, butterflies, flowers, birds, bees and dragonflies, some of them very close up and personal. I'm also finally working seriously on an exhibition of my photography covering the zootown music scene. It will be a survey of 2008, starting with the PBR battle of the bands in the spring. I have some poster-sized test prints coming back from Fuji any day.

Amanda wants a cover for her next CD, and Wolf Redboy wants two shots for inside his CD. Things are looking up.

Disclaimer: It should be obvious, but let me state plainly that none of the Martin Luther King tribute, posted immediately before this, was original with me. The words were all the preacher's own, and I stole the photos from Time/Warner, the guys who bought Turner, turned CNN into People Magazine and sank Netscape, the dandiest little web browser ever made.

I miss Netscape. I've mentioned more than once here how much I hate Windows protocols and refuse to use Internet Explorer. Now, I am increasingly annoyed with Mozilla, the constant updates, the orphaned password banks created by the updates, and the increasing slowness as more gadgets are added. I wax nostalgic for some old school, elegeant and simple software. I don't want programs designed to do everything but wash the dishes.

Speaking of simplicity reminds me of the latest from Ching. The oracle says; "Manifest plainness; embrace simplicity. Modesty, patience, fairness and generosity are called for here. Blossoming and Ripening will follow."

That last line is a reminder the solstice has passed and spring is on the horizon. There will be planting soon and flowers leading to the harvest. This is also a metaphor of truthful seeds growing in our minds, and the ripening of relationships with fellow humans, animals and plants.


  1. If you want a basic, no-frills browser you should try Google Chrome. It does update a lot, but it doesn't have add-ons and loads pages really quick.

  2. Thank you, I will research Google Chrome.

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