Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wartime Blues Lone Bright Spot

The only bright spot Kitchenpoet could find, Friday night, was the Old Post packed to the rafters for Wartime Blues. The Old Post is an intimate venue (that means small), where I have enjoyed evenings with Russ Nassett and Corn Mash. This time, it was wall-to-wall, SRO, and everyone was into it. I could barely squeeze in the back door, forget about coming in the front and working back to the stage. I squeezed off a handful of shots, before being squeezed back out into the alley. Yes, the squeeze was definitely on, and I can't work under those conditions.

Good for the Old Post. Size is limited, but the music and the food are good. Try their fish tacos and you'll never go back to La Parilla.

I love this band, and have some previous shots up on the flickr archive. This time I finally produced two fair shots of Bethany, previously of Good Neighbor Policy. There are shots of that band and Bethany on flickr. The next time you see them advertised, be there for some live, local music and look for the Kitchenpoet.

Timeslip update: see Wartime Blues at the Palace, Saturday, January 31.

The rest of zootown was quiet, including this old favorite spot. On this night, it was psychedelia on downers, nothing to enliven the spirit, with a thin crowd around a wasted dance floor.

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