Thursday, January 1, 2009

Secret Powers @Badlander 12/20/2008

Well, I was near suicidal, when my camera quit working again. It was gone for almost two months, while a friend supplied a loaner, which kept me sane. My camera works for three fucking days, after coming back from service, and develops the same problem it had before, only intermittently. This time, I didn't know when I picked it up whether it would work or not. I finally reshipped it to warranty service in New Jersey, and depression loomed large.

I came up with an alternative, and was handed another by a good friend. MCAT audio/video production is what I will learn, while my baby is away. I've got a video camera borrowed now, and I bought three tapes for it. It fits easily in one hand, with the tape start/stop by the thumb, and the zoom by the pointer. There's a 3mp digital still button, if I buy a mini-SD card, which I can't afford. I have 90 minutes of Zeppo on tape, and plan to get another 90, when they play the Union Club, on Friday, January 2nd.

That's one alternative project. The second is a little camera a friend insisted I borrow. It's a whizbang point-and-shoot with an intricate lens assembly providing a 12x optical zoom. It definitely doesn't operate intuitively, as the video camera does. The loan included a 2gb SD card, and I haven't figured out yet how many 8mp images will fit, as large jpegs, because the camera won't shoot raw.

What is all this babbling? I recently received a communication stating someone had looked at my blog, but since it didn't have anything about me on it, hadn't looked since. There's some personal stuff OK? Being without my favorite artistic tool made me feel bereft, but maybe it was a good thing. Perhaps, I should learn something new. Perhaps, my favorite brush had become a crutch. I know there were times it felt as if I had the proverbial millstone around my neck.

So while my camera was futzing around, I only saw and could not capture Amanda's kick-off performance in the Palace. It was working the night Amanda took the Badlander stage and knocked the lights out. That was one of the times my camera worked for about three hours, before quitting again. That was a memorable night, concluded by Secret Powers. When I covered Amanda's portion of the program, I promised coverage for this band soon.

Well, hell, I told y'all before: I'm old and slow. Check out these sample shots, give thanks to the venue, hop over to flickr, if these aren't the first folks you see, match set title to the title of this post, start the slide show, or just start the slide show, anywhere you want.

Oh, and why now? Because someone from this band thanked me tonight for previous photos here and on flickr, I remembered I had this set in the can. If you like my art, and you see me on the scene, please tell me. I sometimes think no one is looking at my stuff, and I take my stuff very seriously.

Back to Secret Powers. Missoula must produce more good bands per capita than any other place in the country. Here's another example.

The Santas gathered to hear secret powers.

Where was that again? The Badlander is the subject. A bunch of people are working hard to present a diverse menu of live music. They also happen to sell alcoholic beverages of all types.
I've said this before, and I will say it again: turn off the television and get out to hear some live music. Bring your friends.

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