Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Smashing Tuesday Night in the Palace

The Palace has vaulted from smaller sibling or poor cousin to the Badlander to a great venue in its own right. There's still comfortable old furniture to lounge in and pool tables to play on. Since the stage was moved, the lighting and sound have been slowly, to a tight budget, improved. The music shows the Ritz partners' love of diversity. On Tuesday, March 31, Low Red Land came calling, from San Francisco. The trio put on a dynamic performance, and retired to catch their breath and watch the March of the Black Queen cap the evening.

Thomas Pendarvis is not to be outdone, when it comes to dynamic performances, and on this night he pranced, stomped and kicked with abandon. March of the Black Queen showed some fatigue, in the early morning hours, and although Thomas is too much the gentleman to complain, the late start annoyed him. It cut into my sleep, too. 

This band works so hard at their craft, sometimes their skill seems flawless. Thomas has his doubts, however, and always wants to work harder. If he were in charge, the music would start on time. That's a sure bet. 

For more shots of all three bands in the Palace this night, check the flickr archive. 

Places opened the show, and offered something fresh, from the dueling drummers facing each other in the back, to the acoustic guitar up front to open the set. The lead switched to an electric guitar later. I thoroughly enjoyed these guys. They have some upcoming dates here and in the Badlander, and I will see them again. 

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