Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Busy Weekend, Part 1: First Friday in May

My favorite torch singer was up front with Zeppo in the Loft, above Higgins Alley. It was just one of many major attractions around Zootown on First Friday.

The grand gentleman of zootown musicians, Russ Nassett, was playing the Union Club, and really rocking the place. The rugby people on the dance floor were a mass of flying elbows and knees. Too dangerous for an old goat like me, but I managed to capture some good looks. Russ's son is on the right. 

The drummer's wife wanted photos. There are a bunch on the flickr archive in the set with the matching title. 

This fellow looked almost as big as the truck he was in.

Elephant Revival opened for Great American Taxi (see previous post), at the Top Hat. Their bus barely made it to the venue. 

Yes, the cello player is back, and he's the real deal. That is to say he can play that thing. 

This piper advertised live music at Celtic Connection. 

Broken Valley Roadshow works the street, near the Badlander. They were playing later at Zootown Brew. 

Computer Central had their own street band, and an exhibition of b&w film work inside. As usual, there are many more images on flickr. 

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