Monday, May 4, 2009

Vince Herman @ the Top Hat

The band was swinging with an infectious rhythm, and the dancers were in heaven. 

Are there any Leftover Salmon fans out there? For me, the highlight of the weekend was Great American Taxi, with Vince Herman in the driver's seat, at the Top Hat. I had this one marked on my calendar for a long time. 

This event wasn't listed on, and I have asked several people why. Normally that site is a very reliable guide to what's happening in zootown, and it's color coded for people like me. However, if you have an event to post, be sure you include the address and the correct time. 

Vince is a personal favorite, since I saw him doing an MC bit at the first Mulberry Mountain Music Festival, up in the Ozarks near Fayetteville. I have photos from GAT's show at the Badlander and last year's Roots Festival, on the flickr arhive, and in previous posts. People who attended Roots will remember Vince played about three cords, a transformer blew out,up by the Bodega, and the block went dark...and silent. Vince came down into the audience with his mandolin, followed by the guitar and fiddle players, and did an acoustic set in the middle of the crowd in front of the stage. 

For a while, I didn't think I would get in, because there was a $10 cover, and I didn't have it. I prowled zootown, and found lots of other music, which will be reported soon. There was plenty to see and do on the First Friday of May. Saturday was more of the same, with music and happenings everywhere. I have 750 images from the weekend to look at. 

I returned to the Top Hat, for the last set, and negotiated a lower cover, something I could afford, two dollars. The guys were in late night, well-lubricated, musical machine mode, and a good time was being had by all. 

There are now more images from this event on the stove at flickr.

Coming soon: More First Night, with Russ Nassett at the club, and Zeppo at the Loft above Higgins Alley. There was also a skateboard art show at the Badlander. 

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