Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Report 2009

My favorite Halloween party is the one in the Badlander/Palace complex, because it is a maze of interconnected venues with something different happening in each one. As I entered on this Halloween, the Twister championship was in progress, and soon the victor stood triumphant.

Then the rappers took the stage with Tonsofun and Linkletter starring.

Next door, the Mermaid and Siren were spinning away.

Everywhere people wanted their pictures taken.

In front of the Golden Rose, I found a plastic surgeon and one of his satisfied clients.

For me, the highlight of the evening was Secret Powers covering Abbey Road in the Palace.

They were followed by the Volumen doing Ziggy Stardust.

Meanwhile at Charlie B's, Mudslide Charley was rocking some old time blues.

The Union Club is a popular spot, especially on Halloween. As usual, the club filled to capacity and the line stretched towards the corner. They were waiting to see Russ Nassett and the Revelators.

Russ wasn't in costume, but his son dressed up a bit, and the crowd had a good time.

The streets were full of people in costume.

It was a busy evening keeping the Kitchenpoet on the run. There are more images from that night on the flickr archive. Each set has a title beginning with Halloween and ending with 2009 sandwiching the venue. Check them out, and look for the Day of the Dead report coming soon.

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