Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rolling for Hellgate

Palace hosts benefit for Hellgate RollerGirls.

In between bands, PBR freebies were tossed to the crowd. T-shirts and posters were for sale at the Rollergirl table. A charming young lady gave the old Kitchenpoet a peck on the cheek for buying a poster. I was already happy, because Rooster Sauce is one of my favorite bands, and both El Gato Zombi and Reptile Dysfunction have been on my must see list for a long time.
The goal is to get a roller league going in Missoula. I understand they are looking for vacant warehouse space for a rink. One of my friends said he couldn't wait to see them rolling.

El Zombi Gato is unique and soon to be no more. They powered the opening for this benefit. The band will make one more appearance before going the way of all things. When you see the ad for it, put it on the calendar and be there.

Next up: Reptile Dysfunction

What can I say? Adelaide knocks me out, and Davy Jones and the Count are the liveliest guitar players in a town full of great players.

Look for all three bands by name on the flickr archive. Each name will be followed by the date October 22, 2009.


  1. hi, this is bitty bitch from the hellgate rollergirls, these pictures are Great, i was wondering if we may be able to talk with you about getting a few copies of them??? my email is

    thank you!!

  2. Thanks for the great coverage, glad you enjoyed the party! (Btw, bitty bitch's email has a typo, its actually
    XOX Viperella