Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Band Kills Fascists

Look out fascists. This Band Kills Fascists presents a dynamic challenge to your reign.

I saw these guys, when I went to the ZACC basement to hear TSMF. I bring this up now, because they will be in the Palace, another zootown underground venue, on Sunday, November 15. That show will also feature Electric Dandelion, one of my favorite bands. That's tomorrow night, and I apologize for the short notice.

Yes, there are more images of this band and of TSMF, who also played this night, over on the flickr archive.

My class on event photography is Tuesday (11/17) at ZACC. I'm going over my notes and prepping for that. My show opens in the Palace on the First Friday in December. I expect y'all to be there. That show is looking good if I do say so myself. I'm looking forward to the February show in Food for Thought. That one will require a larger outlay of capital to put up, and I don't have the capital yet. In addition, I keep working to document as much of the zootown music scene as I can.

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