Monday, January 25, 2010

Shelby and Larry @Badlander

Shelby Cunliffe

Larry Hirschberg

After the open mike at Brooks and Browns, I walked up to check out the Palace and Badlander action. There was one of my favorite singer/songwriters on stage. Shelby Cunliffe was opening for Larry Hirshberg on the Badlander stage. Shelby doesn't perform in public enough, and she confessed this was the first time in maybe a year.

Larry Hirshberg may be too literary for some, but intelligent lyrics are rare these days, and Larry can turn them out. He makes me laugh, and laughter IS the best medicine.

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  1. Well, wait a second! I just found this post. "Too literary for some?" Well, thanks, Charles. I believe your analysis of my thing is spot on. I'll be at The Red Bird Wine Bar on 3/22. Maybe see you there... Thanks - LH