Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

First Night Wanderings

MAM hosted jazz bands and fans during the afternoon. This is Discount Quartet in front of Shimomura's art in the main gallery.

I saw the Frederico Brothers at MCT, but that theater prohibits photography.

The first thing I saw at the UC was the Octopus playing chess against a bunch of competitors.

Cash for Junkers were playing in the Commons.

Burning River, a trio with John Floridis up front, played next in the commons.

Mike Freemo

Meanwhile, upstairs in the ballroom, the Big Sky Mudflaps were romping.

Old friends, Andrea and Louis rocked the lounge.

The Tomatoes, with Michelle replacing Tom on the fiddle, brought in a crowd.

Mike Milch and Ruthie Dada with Zeppo in the commons.

Charlie B's only has music three nights a year, and New Years Eve is one. Combine that with Voodoo Horseshoes, a band I had never photographed, meant I had to go there. When El Zombi Gato cancelled at the Palace, I wound up ringing in the new year with this happy crowd.

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