Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cottonwood Draw @the Hat

Finally, finally I captured a nice clear image of Clyde playing tablas with Cottonwood Draw. I had some photos taken at a previous performance at the Top Hat and another at ZACC, I missed Clyde both times. I think this is a definitive portrait. How novel, replacing the percussion guy and a big drum set with tablas. Gotta love it. Last night, the downtown venues all experienced good crowds, and the Top Hat gets my award for hipnhot event of the evening.

I was exhausted from a week of frantic panic, as I prepared my February show, and had just assisted (I did very little) my friend Brendan Stewart to install it at Food for Thought. I was bound and determined to celebrate my relief with a Cold Smoke. That stuff is expensive, but I refuse to drink piss beer. I want something with flavor. Anyway, Cottonwood Draw set the place on fire, as their music inspired the crowd, who poured energy back to the band. The bond of synergy began to grow, the spirits gathered, the place began to shift and lift.

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