Sunday, February 21, 2010

Republican Politics Caused the Great Depression

And the mess they are making now will make the great depression look like a Sunday church potluck.

Introducing the new look.

Mirrors are fun, huh? Who can decipher the secret message?

It's still true. For eight years, the most criminally corrupt administration in the history of this nation occupied the White House. Their chosen figurehead was an ignorant, spoiled, rich kid, who spoke English as a second language. The lying little prick never accomplished a thing without the help of his daddy's rich friends. The rich friends of George I included the Bin Laden family, and one of them is supposedly America's greatest enemy. They also included robber barons, who, as soon as they took power, backed their trucks up to the public treasury and proceeded to steal everything they could.

During the reign of George II, these assholes wrecked the world economy. They are still creating damage right and left as they do everything in their power to make themselves richer and more influential, while sacrificing every positive value the United States ever stood for. They've even stacked the supreme court to get rulings, which allow them greater power and riches through their corporate cronies.

It's past time for this shit to end. How do we end it, when our elected officials are just hogs at the trough? Voting and protesting do no good. However, sometimes, I just have to log my opposition by protesting. The new look was part of role-playing Uncle Sam on President's Day.


Shit, I forgot and exported the protest images with my name on them, although I did not take them. My friend, James, came down for the final half hour of my vigil and took these shots. He was the only company I had, as none of the 8 definitely will attend and 22 maybes on Facebook showed up. I was disappointed, but motivated to look for more effective means to change the paradigm.

The whole thing has put me into intense self-evaluation time. You know the drill: what am I good at? what am I not good at? how do I best use my time? how long do I keep the new look? do I adjust the new look? The most important question is: what do I do next?

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