Friday, February 12, 2010

...see me...fe-e-el me...bite me

People assume I like oldies, because I am one, but it ain't so. WHO were those old geezers lost and overwhelmed by Super Bowl spectacle? Halftime has long been an overblown extravaganza, but when has it ever been so much more boring than the game? Those guys made me miss Mick Jagger, who would have at least shown some life on stage.

Oh, yes, toasts to the Saints. It was all too sweet for a city that needed something to cheer.

Oh boy, some happy time in Carlo's with Suzette snapping away. I think this one is my favorite, but...

That's the real me.

I saw this headline: "Senate leaders drastically pare down employment bill." The article mentions a funding cut from $85B to $15B. You see an employment bill would actually help some people, and god knows we can't have that. Let's spend more on killing people and developing better weapons to kill people.

The Food for Thought show is a knockout, if I do say so myself. Get over there. I am proud of this work.

It is great exposure to be in a venue with this kind of traffic. The breakfast rush was huge, and lunch was even bigger. What a great menu written in colored chalk on black boards around the wall.

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