Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday's Sermon followed by Sunday's Musical Interlude


The war-makers running this country don't give a shit about us. 

The Republicans and Democrats have both sold out to the highest bidders.

If you think you are getting the truth from television news you are dumber than a turnip.

And now for something completely different.

The Musical Interlude

L-R Phyllis, Sue, Lizzi, Kaya, Sonia, Marlene

Hot House Tomatoes @Symes

Once upon a time there was a folksy group called Tom and the Tomatoes, which I covered several times in previous posts. Now there is an all-woman ensemble named Hot House Tomatoes. It's a flexible group, as Marlene (below on bass) plays the guitar, banjo and upright bass, while Sue plays the upright bass, guitar and mandolin. Vocal duties and featured instruments rotate. Lizzi plays the accordion, Phyllis plays dobro, Sonia is on the flute and Kaya on the fiddle. 

Marlene has a heavenly voice, a joy to hear. I was so glad to be there as this talented group of women produced some joyful fun in the Symes dining room on Friday, April 23, 2010.

Bridgebuilder @Bsmt

David Johnson has performed under the Bridgebuilder banner for 13 years. The latest incarnation of his band is a high octane trio which includes two of my newest musical heroes. 

Rachid Abdel Ghafour

Joey, who is also with goddammitboyhowdy

Judgment Hammer in the Bsmt

That drum says Tater Pig, the family band Sid the drummer once played with. He and some of his bandmates from Helliana have reshaped to become Judgment Hammer. They followed Bridgebuilder in the Basement on Thursday, April 22, 2010.

Birds Mile Home @ZACC

Anticipation was high, as Birds Mile Home prepared to play in the ZACC gallery on Saturday, April 17, 2010.

Led by this man, Timmy Arrowtop, the band launched into a feel good frolic of tasty music. Timmy landed right on my new musical heroes list along with the aforementioned.

And the mystery man in the middle is:

the one and only Shmed

After this acoustic set, Birds Mile Home moved down to the basement and went electric.

All four bands in this post have their own sets, titled by band name and location, on flickr

Kitchenpoet is in the middle of a vast change of perspective, which is producing some new looks, new art, a shitload of ideas, and a bunch of new dreams I intend to live one day. A batch of old shit must be jettisoned to make room for more art. Coming soon--lots of new whatsit from Kitchenpoet. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Steven Begleiter for the first Uncle Sam photo, and thanks to Mark Bryant for the second and third. I am proud to be associated with such outstanding photographers.

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