Friday, May 14, 2010

Later That Night

After open mike at Brooks and Browns on May 4th, I made a loop, starting with the Top Hat.

These young fellows play in a group called Yeti. I had not heard of them before, but I intend to hear more. They were playing some infectious riffs as I ran through, and the Hat was hopping.

Kevin VanDort was on the Badlander stage for the weekly Live and Local showcase.

Jimmy is among the new crop of Badlander/Palace door men, and he also does some Reggae DJ work down in the Palace, where I found him on this night.

There are more images from this evening on flickr, and Kevin can also be seen in some of the Brooks and Browns Open Mike sets.

I'm still groping for a new style for this blog, because I am tired of the I went here, saw this band, went there, saw another band... The political rants with Uncle Sam are feeling good, and will be a staple. Catherine Walters of the Independent ambushed me at the Post Office to question me for the Street Talk column. Wolf Redboy wound up in the same column. I think Uncle Sam will say something about oil companies soon.

Ann and Teresa interviewed me on KBGA Wednesday morning. Did anybody hear that?

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