Monday, May 10, 2010

May Day, 2010

May Day dawned wet and cold. After a round of the markets where vendors and visitors were scarce, and many were visibly shivering miserably, I returned home to stoke the fire in my wood stove and reassess. Later, as the clouds began to break up, I ventured down to Caras Park for the first summer brewfest. Weather means nothing to Zootown residents who thirst for beer, as a large soggy crowd was already present. 

Wartime Blues had bright sun in their faces, during their set.

May Day means many things to many people. Some people act as if it's the first day of spring, while others resurrect pagan rituals such as maypole dancing to celebrate the warming season. Local anarchists chose to remind Missoula of the holiday, which celebrates the working man.

Evening came with Zeppo on stage at the Union Club, and my favorite torch singer setting men's hearts on fire, as usual.

Are those Carhart's? I don't know, but I do know that Dave Johnson led Bridgebuilder in a lively set at the Hellgate Rollergirls Benefit in the Palace. Joey took a turn on the drums.

Keegan Smith and the Fam provided a tight and rigorous workout at the Top Hat, where I concluded the first day of May.

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