Saturday, June 19, 2010

LYME Fest--Day Three

High lighted and starred on my Sunday schedule was Secret Powers with Shmed, one of my local heroes, up front. After doing some of their original material, easily purchased on their CDs, they launched into their famous full-coverage of Abbey Road. This is no simplified to three chord rock anthem version. This has the subtle, complex depth of the original, or as close as you can get live on stage. 

Ryan Farley and John Fleming

I fell in love about 30 times over the weekend at the Love Your Mother Earth Festival, and here are three of my new loves on stage with Broken Valley Road Show. None meet my minimum age requirement, and I think all are spoken for, but, sweet mother of god, they are beautiful, smart, talented and funny. Who could ask for more? See Cash 4 Junkers in the previous post, where Grace fiddles with another band.

Nate Biehl, Angie Biehl, Caroline Keys

A surprise delight was the Anonymous String Association, whose sound side tracked me from a rush to the main stageand pulled me to the Ramble Stage.  

I was out of steam early Sunday, heading back to the Campground Stage to see Clyde drumming with the Dodgy Mountain Men, and making them my final act of the day. 

I can't end my coverage of Day 3, without showing the accordion player above, and another of my beautiful friends below. There are a total of 127 (I think) images in three sets titled by day over on the flickr archive. Soon there will be follow ups of Sister Monk (Day 1) and Elephant Revival (Day 2), when they played the Top Hat this week Equaleyes played too late at LYME, but I caught them at the Hat with Sister Monk. 

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