Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LYME Fest--Day Two

Having seen Warsaw Poland Brothers once before at the Top Hat, I made sure to arrive in plenty of time to catch them on the main stage, as they delivered a powerful set.

And did I stick around for Elephant Revival? That is a rhetorical question, as in previous posts I have stated they are one of my all-time favorite bands. Kitchenpoet put down his camera for a spell and pranced in front of the stage as Uncle Sam. The LYME online band guide called their music transcendental folk. The guide also said they were from Moab, Utah, and I thought they were from Nederland, CO. I must remember to ask about that, when they play the Top Hat, Thursday, June 17. Will I be there? Another rhetorical question.

UV Hippo played the Top Hat a few days back, and I stayed to tell them their photos were up, and, as usual, I thought they were terrific. Sweet mother of god, my ego is through the roof these days. 

Day two of Love Your Mother provided music in every direction, and the Valley Stage wasn't the only one I visited. 

The names on the program didn't tell me I would find Ellie Nuno and Micki Singer on the Campground Stage, when I first parked. 

Cash 4 Junkers on the Ramble Stage

This is beyond a harmonica around the neck, while playing a guitar. Trevor Green was on  the main stage, early in the afternoon, playing a kick drum, two didgeridoos and a guitar. 

To see the other members of the trio Bookah and more of the whole festival go to the Flickr archive.

Everywhere I looked, it seemed to be party time. 

I've photographed this dude with SWYL twice at the Top Hat (see previous posts), and here he was on the Ramble Stage with Axshinn Slaxx

It was once again past this old man's bed time, but there was something spectacular unfolding at the Dome, and I had to see what. Then the Dome lights dwindled below, as I trudged over the ridge and back to my car.  This post is represented on Flickr as LYME Fest--Day Two. 

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