Monday, June 21, 2010

Mother Magic Continues @Hat

Overheard at the Top Hat: "He looks like Jesus." Where do so many Christians get the notion Jesus was blond?

Equaleyes played too late for this old man at LYME-Fest, and I missed their previous local engagements, but I remember this dude being on stage with the Shook Twins at last year's Love Your Mother. Equaleyes was the first of four bands over two nights to bring the magic of the Love Your Mother Earth Festival indoors at the Top Hat.

Sister Monk brought her "...mystical poetry, transcendental pop and gypsy funk grooves..." to the stage, after Equaleyes, on Wednesday, June 16. She has the most amazing showman on the bass behind her.

While Sister Monk is a new favorite...

Bonnie Paine is a favorite from years ago and far away. Now she's playing the washboard and the djembe in the middle of Elephant Revival. They also describe their music as transcendental, in this case folk.

Bridget Law

Dead Winter Carpenters opened the action on Thursday, June 17, and what a night!

There are more images of both nights on the Flickr archive. Elephant Revival can be seen, along with Sister Monk in the previous post "LYME-Fest Day Two" on this blog and on Flickr.

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