Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Jazz, Please

Jazz, oh jazz, sweet jazz filled the airwaves of Oregon and Washington, coming from college stations everywhere, particularly Seattle and Portland. This wasn't an hour or two of jazz sandwiched with other genres and NPR news and talk; this was hours of uninterrupted jazz. I do believe I have found a deficiency in my Zootown paradise. 

I must mention two jazz programs on KBGA. Four hours begins at noon on Sundays with the Awful Truth about Jerry Lundegaard, followed by the Outside Edge at 2pm. That's the best block of jazz to be found on local radio. 

There are some promising developments on the live scene. Returning to winter hours, Jazz Martini Night at the Badlander now begins at 7:30 on Sundays, allowing us old fogies a chance to hear some jazz before our early bedtimes. The Missoula Winery is also offering performance by jazz combos at comfortable hours. I recently went there to photograph the Indulge Jazz Quintet. 

The Indulge Jazz Quintet at the Missoula Winery

Ed Stalling

Kevin Van Dort joins the Quintet to belt out a blues number.

A full set of Indulge Jazz Quintet can be found on the Flickr archive. 

Margi and the Smoking Jackets are rehearsing for a more active appearance schedule, which will include a performance at the UC, during the First Night Celebration. 

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