Monday, February 14, 2011

Dodgy Mountain Men Torch the Palace

The Dodgy Mountain Men are a bluegrass outfit with a tabla player providing the percussion. That certainly isn't a standard band formation, but this fun loving group makes it work. On Saturday, January 29, 2011, they launched into a free-wheeling set, which ignited the crowd, which fed the band, which led to one of those energy tornadoes which lift venues right off the ground. When it was over, many participants had to drink considerable amounts in order to recover.

There's a set on flickr with more shots of these guys, and a set for Voodoo Horseshoes who released their CD, Flight of the Platypus, at this event.  Horseshoes also turned in a rip-snorting set on this night.

I  bring this up now, because the Dodgy Mountain Men will be playing the Badlander's Live and Local evening on Tuesday, February 15, tomorrow, as I write this. Peoples is also on the bill.

Since the Badlander music will start at the usual late hour, one could easily enjoy the open mike program at Brooks and Browns (in the Holiday Inn at the river end of Pattee St), 7-10pm Tuesday, and then cruise to the Badlander for even more good home-made music.

Voodoo Horseshoes

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