Thursday, February 10, 2011


Have I been hibernating long? Every waking is a fresh start.

Where to start?
Start where you are.
Where am I?

Foyan said, "Observe your current state. How did it come to be? Why are you confused?"

Could we change the subject, please? I want to talk about cookies, chocolate chip cookies to be precise. The cookies have to be chewy, of course, not crunchy. Peanut butter, however, has to be crunchy, not creamy. What were we talking about?


...dormant...buried under the snow, waiting for spring...

Wake up!
No, pull the blankets up. Refuse to move.
Not now.


OK. Only one chocolate chip cookie a day, instead of a bagful.

Coming soon some new stuff. I apologize for the long interlude. Quite frankly, I haven't felt like doing much for a few months. Maybe some of you share the feeling. I'm cranking my motor and starting to move again. There's some new stuff on flickr, already.

I put the comics links back up on the right side of this page under people and things I like. How can the day start without Lio and Nonsequitor?

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