Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bob Wire gets serious at the Union Club

Give a shout out, "Live and local." Pass it on.

A ballad for slow dancing, yes, they do that. Next, comes a really good Johnny Cash and a passable Elvis. There's a parody of a serious country song and a homemade tune with the funniest lyrics you'll hear this year. A month ago, Bob celebrated his CD release at the club, giving away thumb-drives, with all his songs, and other prizes. The CD was on sale then and again Saturday.

Be sure to read his column on New West. It is rib-tickling stuff, too.

Bob and his friends return to the Union Club on Friday, May 16.

Buy the CDs: American Piehole and Sentimental Breakdown.

1 comment:

  1. Charles, you were there?! My wife and I were there for most of the first set and I didn't see you. That's kind of a bummer. . . .

    Of course, I was awful busy watching a couple drunk guys throwing various women around the dance floor. That style of dancing looks like little two-person mosh pits scattered all across the floor.