Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PBR, Week 1, January 31, continued

Here we have a British-style, guitar, super-group. The Hermans have the musical chops and showmanship to keep that from being an overstatement. Think Clapton, Beck and Winwood or a similar combination. The above photo appeared in the Missoulian, without the photo credit I was promised. I now embed my copyright in every image (at least when I remember to).

'Ello adds an English accent to the anguish of Michael Stipe, with an echo of psychedelia. They had the audacity to perform a Doors' song and improve on the original.

There's a great slogan: Live and Local. And so it was at PBR.

After 'Ello, Luau Cinder, who termed their music dub/funk, took a turn.

This t-shirt classic advocates closing the School of the Americas, which teaches torture techniques to foreign police and military. The department of propaganda changed its name to Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Kick-ass Training, or some such a few years ago.

No one can mention the count, without mentioning he once played with the International Playboys, a prestigious Missoula band. They broke up just after I arrived here, and I didn't make it to the farewell performance. I did buy one of their CDs, and maybe I should buy the other before I start judging, but I like every band I've heard so far with an IP alumnae better than I like what I heard on that CD.

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