Sunday, April 13, 2008

Full Saturday with Prelude


Live and Local! That's the best way to get your music fix.

The prelude is over, and about time, too.


A proud mother told me her sons were on stage. From her, I learned Austin is the man in the brown t-shirt next to Kyle, and his brother Dillon is working the turntable. Kyle and Austin do some energetic call and response duets.

I was delighted the Inhumans refused to compromise their creative integrity, charging right into "Fuck no, we never landed on the moon." They also did "let's put the geee back in geee-sus."

The next stop was the Elks Club for the Lolo Community Garage Benefit. The Lolo Community Garage has a sliding scale of charges for mechanical repairs based on the customers ability to pay. These mechanics keep cars running for families who need them but ordinarily couldn't afford such service.

Timeslide Oct,2008 Bethany now plays with Wartime Blues, a band just added to my favorites list and one you should hear if you haven't already. Timeslide continues below as Thomas Pendarvis performs his signature move. Thomas has a new band called March of the Black Queen. Most of GNP moved to Bellingham, some returned and some are with the new band.

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